John Stanley


FMNZ Buy Local Contributions Milestone 2

John Stanley – Marketing the Farmers’ Market Brand

Key messages from the three workshops

“Commit to and communicate clear business strategies”

“Dare to be Different”

“Just do it”

“Delight Strategies – what is your lipstick”

“Who can you partner with in your community?”

Auckland 28 th November 2008While the numbers attending the Auckland meeting of Farmers’ Markets did not represent NZ biggest City, there was a real understanding that Farmers’ Markets in Urban centres have different needs and wants than Rural Farmers’ markets yet the Authenticity must still be what defines a Farmers’ Market from all other types of shopping experiences.    Successful markets have built locality ladders with there consumers and stallholders so that the markets is seen as an integral part of the weekly shop.  Networking and communication are high on the list of achieving as well as growing the customer experience so that the community has a sense of pride and ownership.  Sharing of food producers and the need to network with local authorities were discussed as well as national sponsorship and the need for collective marketing to attract and find more authentic food producers

Three things that we need to do over the next five years to secure FM’s in the Auckland region

Orita Farmers’ Market - Customer experience, reinforcement of what you are doing

Parnell Farmers’ Market - Collective marketing with Management, developing what we have

 Britomart Farmers’ Market - Growing the experience – ie stallholders, incorporating other stallholders – networking

If there is a will there is a way – changing mindset – finding a way to make them happen – what’s the return on the investment?

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