FMNZ CONFERENCE 2010 Bill Gallagher Centre Hamilton, 6-7-8 June

FMNZ  CONFERENCE 2010 Bill Gallagher Centre Hamilton, Bill Gallagher Centre Hamilton, 6-7-8 June

FARMER'S ARKET NZ Honest-to-goodness  GOODNESS 

With over 50 Farmers' Markets  now operating  around  NZ,  this conference will celebrate the  success of your hard work, both regionally and nationally.  Stallholders, market managers and market organisers and committees are invited to Hamilton to be inspired, to learn, to network and most of all share market experiences so that we can all benefit in the future.  Hamilton will bring it on in June 2010 and we look forward to seeing you all there with a program that will be aimed at both established long running markets  and new markets.  The conference  will look at “ the longer term success of farmers' markets   as well as “Authenticity” and “Transparency” and keep you enticed with  key note speakers and local food experiences from both the Hamilton and Cambridge Markets.  For more information and to register click here