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“Pop Up” Farmers Market in Christchurch this Saturday 5 th March

After hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in August 2005, the local Farmers’ Market was one of the first businesses to re-emerge. It became a symbol of the community’s resilience, a place for people to gather and support each other while they sought food.

Christchurch’s Canterbury Farmers’ Markets at Dean’s Bush is managing to operate this weekend as usual, but with the effects of last week’s devastating earthquake Lyttelton Farmers’ Market is not currently able to operate. Instead, a “Pop up” Farmers’ Market has been organised this Saturday in Mt Pleasant that will service Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Woolston, Linwood and South Shore communities.
It will be a small market selling essentials such as bread, vegetables, meat and fruit & will provide the community with a place to come together and to buy fresh food. The event is supported by Farmers’ Markets New Zealand on behalf of Farmers’ Markets throughout the country.

Farmers' Markets New Zealand has also set up a Christchurch Earthquake Fund for its members and you can contribute to this here CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE FUND

One of the organisers Angela Clifford said “The Pop-Up” Farmers' Market is important to give access to fresh food to those who have no local food outlets and to provide a safe community space.
It is also important to raise the plight of fresh food producers in the region who have lost much of their market, particularly if they are supplying restaurants and other businesses in the CBD

The market runs this Saturday, 5 th March, 10am to 1pm Mt Pleasant Community Centre, McCormacks Bay Rd (Visible from Causeway)
Organisers are Tom Davies ph. 027 600 7779, Cam Booker & Angela Clifford

For more information please visit or email

For more information on the Christchurch Earthquake fund please go to
Chris Fortune
Chairperson Farmers' Markets NZ
021 935995